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Thinking of Going Solar? – Read This.

  Not only is Solar power one of the cleanest forms of energy but the initial capital outlay has come down quite a bit in the past few years. Naturally your solar power equipment requires sunshine to generate power. Monitor the sun exposure…


Forever Flooring


You hardly need to be be an expert with and eye for identifying trends to realise that concrete flooring is very much in vogue presently and for good reason we think. Here’s why: Durability Cement being a naturally extremely durable product is forever.…


Modern Vinyl Flooring


  Forget what you know about Vinyl flooring of old, modern Vinyl flooring is back and better than ever. Not only does modern Vinyl come in an array of different colours and designs but it still retains the original characteristics that made it…


How To Quickly Transform Your Home On A Budget

If you want to make the most dramatic transformation whilst spending as little money as possible then you need to simply look at re-painting your home. No other design aspect comes as close to creating as a dramatic transformation as a change of…