image1. Assess why others see things differently to you. In our rainbow nation different cultural groups interpret things differently. Do not try to predict the feelings and attitude of the receiver. Try and understand why some cultural groups see looking away from you when you speak as respect. Some also see bosses in short sleeve shirts as not appropriately suited for the task. Use an interpreter to get the message across if required- it works
2. Get feedback from the receiver. If you dont ask you dont get …. Ensure that your staff understand the messages you are conveying. In a this cellphone crazy world the bosses instructions take second priority to headphone music & whattsapp messages.
3. Communicate in person if possible there is no substitute for good old fashion human conversation. The value of emails and drawings are often lost with those that cannot interpret them. Its now become essential to explain all tasks in detail in order to get the message across.
4. Use language that fits the audience. Very often the academic accomplishments of the professional team far exceeds that of the builders on site. Using complicated language can confuse listeners and make them feel inadequate. Be humble and amend the communication level to meet others halfway.
5. Use the right communication channel. We are rapidly losing the art of conversation. Do not add to this problem by alway using technology as a means of communication. Einstein once said “ I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. – I’m afraid that day may already be here.
6. Communicate with integrity and honesty. You can only effectively communicate when the receiver trusts what you say – use past examples of success to help first time listeners to understand the value of your statements.
7. Make it easy for others to listen to you. Apply an appropriate conversational communication style. Speak succinctly and with conviction. People respond to the way you show up and lead – Look the part, with appropriate, dress, technology, vehicle and persona.