Did you know that Net Zero Certification is imminent and that by as soon as 2020 the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) plans to introduce a net zero/positive building scheme?

This was a key commitment made at COP21 in Paris last year and the certification is said to cover both energy and carbon with a strong likelihood that waste management and water usage will also be included.

GBCSA CEO Brian Wilkinson indicated that the scheme earmarked for implementation will be based upon existing the existing Green Star SA scheme (being a completely voluntary system currently).

The reasons for the upscaling of legislation is blindingly obvious as given that buildings currently account for one third of global emissions Green Building represents one of the most cost effective weapons environmentalists have at their disposal.

Notwithstanding the greatly reduced environmental impact the benefits are diverse and many and include: lower utility bills, increased resale value of property and in some instances access to preferential financing from local banks. Also and particularly pertinent from a South African perspective is the notion that by 2018 green building in the USA will account for 3.3million jobs (over a 1/3 of the construction sector as a whole).

To find out more visit and consult with an expert who will be able to guide you further on both the existing and proposed legislation.