New Years resolutions for the construction sectorIt’s that time of year and time to begin to take stock of how you performed in 2016 and make plans for the future. As typical in the building industry, you’ll probably find things slow down over Christmas, giving you a chance to catch your breath and strategise for the coming year.

What does 2017 hold in store for you? Here are some resolutions to consider….

1. I endeavor to… finish my CV & website

Builders and construction sector employees are notorious for having clunky, out-of-date or simply non-existent websites, references and cv’s. And while you may think a website is totally superfluous and no one would ever look at it, you haven’t dealt with the reality of the situation. Short & sweet counts in all instances. Contact a local design firm – or a family member who is a whiz with graphics – to make you something presentable and inspiring

2. I endeavor to… get savvy with job management

Go All OUT to track your time and expenses in your daily work. There are several apps and computer programs to help you get money say in this ever challenging work environment

3. I endeavor to… look after my health

Construction sector employees are constantly bending, lifting, moving and utilizing vulgarity – and all this takes a toll on your body. Add in a tendency to snack on unhealthy foods like takeaways, cakes and biscuits during the day, and you have yourself a recipe for the kind of early retirement or DEATH. So in 2017 you need to

– Pack more healthy lunches – give up the fish n’ chips and greasy pies for some baked

– Slap on some sunscreen and wear your favourite hat, to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

– Drink more water; at least 2L per day.

– Get in some serious exercise – being active outdoors helps you keep fit and healthy

4. I endeavor to… set my Persona apart

With hundreds of construction employees everywhere, all fighting for the same jobs, it can sometimes seem like it’s impossible to get ahead. So much about this industry is word-of-mouth, so most of your marketing should be based around trying to get people to talk about you. Whether its Facebook, LinkediN, Twitter, Pintrest, Google plus etc……..get the word out “YOU ARE THE BEST AROUND”

5. I endeavor to… stop showing my builder’s crack

I know, you have a hard job to do, and you can’t do it in a tuxedo. But that doesn’t mean you have to show up on site every day looking like a total slob. For 2017, you should invest in a bit of branded attire …….remember first impressions last…..always show up to a new site looking professional and trustworthy.

6. I endeavor to… invest in professional development

Some employees run with the attitude of, “I’ve done my apprenticeship – I work on site every day. I know what I’m doing. So why do I need any more training?” But the truth is, specs, products, bylaws & technology is changing faster than ever. You snooze… lose. Don’t let your lack of current knowledge embarrass you at the next site meeting.

7. I endeavor to… take health & safety seriously

Governments across the world are cracking down on health and safety, and workers are starting to stand up for their rights and demand a safe workplace. Ensure you and your team are kitted with proper H&S gear, have attended necessary induction courses, have reviewed the H&S file and appraised past incidents. You don’t want your best mates or family falling victim to poor H&S

8. I endeavor to… embrace networking

Networking isn’t some slimy business word coined by used-car salesmen – it’s simply people talking to and helping other people, sharing ideas and tips and occasionally contacts and referrals. Construction is a referral business that relies on word-of-mouth to generate clients, and having a strong network of fellow business owners and previous clients who can share your name around will ensure you continue to have business for the rest of the year! Network with the best to become the best… works.

9. I endeavor to… have the best year yet!

If you’re serious about taking yourself to the next level, then 2017 is your year! The global economy is improving, more people are excited about investing in construction, and more innovative products are entering the marketplace and making your work more exciting. There’s never been a better time to be part of the Construction Sector. The sector hires an averages of 100 000 new employees each year so throw on your boots, pick up your hammer and make it happen in 2017.