Why Upgrading Kitchen Appliances Needn’t Cost The “Earth”

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products, recycling and using biodegradable bin liners are just a few ways families are going green in the kitchen. However one of the most important, and significant changes many households are making is buying and using energy efficient kitchen…


Want better walls? Here are 5 tips for perfect wallpapers

Everyone loves the idea of wallpaper; they are an indispensable part of home interior decoration. But not everyone is brave to have them in their houses. Wallpapers can either look fantastic or look like a complete failure. If you don’t want to regret wallpaper choices…


Kitchen countertops mistakes you want to avoid

If you’re renting accommodation, you do not need to bother about what kitchen counter top exists in the kitchen. You have little choice. However if you’re building your own kitchen or remodeling your kitchen, then countertop is a very important decision. There are dozens of…


Green Is the New Black

  Today green is the new “black” and whilst most of us want to be a part of the green movement there is a tendency to feel somewhat financially restricted in doing so. But does a move towards being green need to be…



  Environmental-consciousness has become an inevitable part of our lives. When we buy household appliances we look at the Energy Star label, we get the funny spiral energy-efficient light bulbs and we separate the waste to recycle it. Home eco-decor is a relatively…


Svelte indoor blinds to add to your glam quotient

Curtains are passé. Welcome indoor blinds. Though the basic purpose of both remains the same – cut out on extra sunlight & heat along with giving you the necessary privacy, blinds are preferred home decor furnishings. When you think of adding a touch…


Composite Bamboo Decking

  As South Africans we tend to do a great deal of entertaining outdoors and just as “summer bodies are built in winter” so too are fabulous entertainment areas. So why not get started on your outdoor entertainment area now so as it…


Skylights as home decor products can add to your eco-credentials

People have never stopped using the natural resources that were once plenty. This owes to the fact that slowly people have understood that even technology depends on natural resources to grow or to exist. This has led to a sudden revolution amongst the…


Outdoor Lighting

  As the days become shorter we begin to become more aware of how important lighting is, particularly external lighting. Outdoor home lighting schemes should be thoroughly considered. You should think of your home’s overall look, your safety requirements, and the impact your…


Winter Pool Care

  The dark mornings and nip in the air signal that it is certainly time to start wrapping up for winter. As far as your house goes we must not forget to consider our swimming pool in this regard too. This is because…