With an ever shrinking economy a preferred house type for singles has also become an option favoured by many couples and young families. The reasons for this are twofold:

1. Energy and Money Saving

This couldn’t be more obvious or true. Living in a smaller house saves you a lot of money and requires less energy to maintain. Electricity bills, as well as water usage will be considerably lower.

2.Less Work at Home

With a small space for household chores, you can also do away with unnecessary or excess belongings this de-cluttering will make cleaning quick and painless.

Naturally in in order to achieve these benefits one will be required to become a little more creative when it comes to decorating. So here are a few tips:

– Choose multi-purpose furniture such as a coffee table that can be folded upward into a dining table or a sofa-bed that will come in handy for a guest staying in. Always choose functional, space-saving items.

– Mirrors reflect light and open up a room to make it look bigger. A mirror on one side of the wall is a good idea for opening up the space.

– Do away with colour contrast but instead opt for tone-on-tone, neutrals or decorating in a similar/single palette. This also creates an illusion of a bigger space.

– Decorate “upwards” as they say – hang a piece of art up on the wall, install shelves high up to draw the eyes upward.

– Open plan living is a huge help too, knock down some non structural internal walls to open up and increase the floor plan.

As lifestyle changes to becoming more hurried and convenient-friendly, easy to maintain homes are certainly increasing in popularity. It doesn’t mean that living in a smaller home means sacrificing comfort. It just means adjusting and embracing change in home living, which is a good thing! Getting to save more time and money in the process gives you the chance to actually live a more comfortable, fuss-free life.

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