Evernote – is a popular note-taking & goal-tracking app which can be synced across your other devices. Record your thoughts and notes, upload and save photos, audio files, bookmarks, and any type of reference materials all in one place.

Wunderlist – is a “to do” app that entrepreneurs love. It’s great for both short-term and long-term lists and includes a lot of functionality even at the free level. Each task list contains “to do” items, and each item can have a series of subtasks.

GoalsOnTrack – This App helps you break down goals into smaller tasks which is great for minimizing procrastination. It tracks your progress in real time and allows you to partner with other apps. As a great productivity app, it documents your journey as you move toward achieving your goals, which can help boost motivation.

Strides – is a hybrid app for habit and goal tracking and organizing. It can be used to track goals like losing weight, marathon training as well as work-related projects. Projects can be broken down into smaller steps and the Milestone Tracker helps to keep track of your overall pace.

Habit List – splits all your preferred activities into four categories: health, creativity, routine, and pleasure. You can set a timer for each activity and log the amount of time spent on it. Using the data, the app establishes correlations between activities and lets you know if you’re falling behind on any of them.